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Enyang sugar and sesame cake

En sugar Ma Bing Yang mention about five hundred years of history, meaning the sweet sweet honey, round and round, harmonious and happy. Its approach has 72 steps, so meticulous, under harsh conditions. Just mention baked sugar Ma Bing shaped like a full moon, golden color, as well as the full moon dense white sesame seeds, yellow and not coke, crisp skin brittle heart.

Features: golden color, crisp skin

Wei buttered tea

It was founded in the early Qing dynasty, has more than three hundred years. It uses high-quality sticky rice, selected spices and unique production methods, so the smell is fragrance, and easy to eat. It is very popular for local people.

Features: crisp, fragrant, smoothness

Sliced chicken and uncongealed tofu

It came from the early days of liberation, uses soy and one kind of special rice. It is a pure green food. It is favorite by customer for fine lines and tasty chicken and tofu smoothness.

Features: color flavor, smoothness and delicious

Nanjiang mongolian gazelle pot

It is made by nanjiang mongolian gazelle, mineral water and rhizoma gastrodiae, angelica and other herbs. It has excellent flavor and good effects for body. Liang Shangquan who is the famous poet had composed a poem in praise, he says this is a rare taste.

Tongjiang tremella fuciformis soup

It has sweet and delicious snacks, using local tremella fuciformis. It also has some good effect for body.

Features: nutrient-rich, clean heat from body

Cool cake

It is steamed, and suitable for breakfast. It has yellow color, foam soft and easy to eating.

Features: soft, easy to eating, sweet and pleasant

Eyebrows shape crisp

It is very like eyebrow, and made by frying or baking. It is very crisp and sweet.

Features: crisp, sweet