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The seventh international Trade Fair about self-driving in SiChuan

This time the trade fair about self-driving is by Beautiful China,picturesque Bazhong as theme,at the appointed time will hold Tourism project promotion of Northeast Sichuan and Project signing ceremony,it will also have a show about self-driving tour equipments ,about characteristic tourist commodities and travel pictures of northeast Sichuan. In addition,it will have a tour line product inspection,and a international mountain tug invitational,also a nationwide Tennis Open Tournament and other kind of these.

The seventh international Trade Fair about self-driving in SiChuan
Beautiful China ,picturesque Bazhong
3. Slogan
Picturesque Landscape, Happy Driving
4.Time and place
Time:October 18, 2016 - 23
Place:Bazhong City, Sichuan Province
5.Time and place of the opening ceremony
Time:October 20, 2016 , thursday
place:citizen plaza in Enyang district of Bazhong city

Red leaves festival of Guangwu

Red leaves festival of Mt. Guangwu in Sichuan is a unique ecological landscape at the national scenic area of Mt. Guangwu. It has five main characteristics. At first, the size is very large and spectacular, the whole area is over 830 square kilometers, which has more than 600 square kilometers of concentrated red leaves landscape. The second, the color of leaves is colorful, and the leaves has phase change to blue, green, yellow, orange and red. This is unique and different from other places. The third, the whole period for red leaves change is very long, the best time for watching is between middle of October and end of November. There has divided three stages for watching red leaves. The fourth, there has about 20 kinds of trees with beech, maple, basswood, birch, pine etc. and about 40 kinds of plants with rosaceae.

Climbing festival

There is the folk customs of climbing at the sixteen of the first lunar month. Tens of thousands of people from various districts and counties gather together with new dress and climb some place in the city.
This is due to people in order to not get sick for climbing, according to legend after climbing Nankan people can be no pain and no disease. So it is gradually become the local custom of climbing at 16th day.

Tea culture Tourism festival

The fresh and romantic trip to TaoYuan

Guangwu azalea Festival

The ancient town of intangible cultural heritage

Yuhu Dragon boat race

Guangwu Ice and snow festival