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With the tourism publicity improving, number of scenic area continuously growing, infrastructure improving, planning of tour routes has become more important. For now, there has some problem in tour routes, such as tourism elements are not perfect, product features are not prominent, the promotion of tourism is not systematic. The market recognition of tour routes is not high. So four new tour routes are planned through investigation.

Two days tour of Mt. Guangwu and Mt. Micang

Scenic area including Taoyuan, Big Dam, Eighteen Moon Pond, Small Gorge, God Door.

Brief introduction

This tour route has two important scenic areas which are Mt. Guangwu AAAA grade scenic area and Mt. Micang AAAA grade scenic area. There have about 30 scenic spots. Mt. Guangwu is situated at south of Mount Micang which sits at the junction of Sichuan and Shanxi province. Mt. Guangwu is located at the north rim of Nanjiang county, Bazhong city. It covers area of 830 square kilometers, has peak elevation of 2507 meters, and named due to perennial misty. The entire scenic area consists of five large areas which are Taoyuan, Eighteen Moon Pools, Big Dam, Small Gorge, God Door. It has more than 500 scenic spots. There integrated with beautiful mountain and oddly-shaped rocks, steep cliff and quiet valley, stream and waterfall, countryside and forest views. It had five fantastic sceneries.

Mt. Micang area is located five kilometers northeast of Mt. Guangwu, the entire area of virgin forest are rolling woodlands, forest timber volume amounted to 4 million cubic meters. There have rich animal resources, it has been found 275 kinds of vertebrates, and more than 20 species are national protected animals among them. It is the important gene base in northern of Sichuan Basin. Now it is the National Forest Park.

Two days tour of Bazhong and Nuoshui river

Scenic area including Shizi cave, Songjia cave and Longhu cave.

Tourism project including Drift in cave, Zip line, Karst cave

Brief introduction

Nuoshui cave area is located in Tongjiang county north 80 kilometers, land area is about 170 square kilometers, there are more than 270 scenic spots. There are more than 40 karst caves which have 20,000 square meters each. Now Shizi cave, Songjia cave and Loufang cave are developed, there has strange karst landscape and big space. There has pleasant temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer. The temperature is about 18 degree and humidity is 96 to 98%. These caves are very special in whole country.

Jintong mountain also called “Golden couples” which is located at northwest of Nuishui town and the middle of Yuhuang Ba and Fenghuang Lin. The mountain is bimodal just like couples. There have some related records about the name of this mountain in the historical literatures.

"Riverside Renaissance Gap" scenic area which located in the east of Snow Water Cave, the scenic area has three parts named Riverside, White hill and Dark ditch and has about 60 scenic spots. This scenic area is connected "Riverside Renaissance Gap" and "Empty Mountain Sky Basin" as the bond and corridors. The land area is about 120 square kilometers.

Leisure vacation tour route

Scenic area including Sanjiang region of holiday resort, Tianma mountain forest park, Dragon mountain forest park, Kongshan forest park

Brief introduction

Sanjiang region of holiday resort is located in Sanjiang power station of Bazhou district, 17 km from the Ba city. Sanjiang is named by Ba river, Chaba river and Aoxi river join together. There have cross-strait peaceful canyon and mountainous overlapping and waterfall fountain. This is the best resort for summer vacation.

Kongshan Forest Park is located in Tongjiang County, southern margin of the eastern Micang mount. The total area is 11,511 hectares, the highest elevation is 2117m, the minimum altitude is 560m, the percentage of forest cover is 90.6.

The park has Guabaolin original scenery tour, Tianxiangfeng forest culture recreation area, Yingzhaoling forest camping area, Kongshanba karst cave tour, Houziyan canyon scenery tour and 56 scenic spots. The park known as paradise on the earth, it is the best place for summer vacation in northeastern of Sichuan.

Historical and cultural tour route

Scenic area including Nankan cliff grottoe, Yin lingshan, Balingtai and Thousand-buddha rock cliff statue

Brief introduction

Nankan cliff grottoe groups are created at the northern and southern dynasties, which includes Nankan grottoe, Xikan grottoe, Beikan grottoe, and Shuining temple. There are 176 grottoes and 2600 statues. Shuining temple cliff statues are Buddhism sculpture statues, which is the national key cultural relics protection unit. There have 27 grottoes and about 300 statues which made at Tang dynasty.

Yin lingshan is about 10 km away from the Ba city, the vast area is 40 square kilometers. There have three different landscapes including natural scenery and Taoism culture and stone tablets. Yin lingshan area is a Taoist resort, had built twelve temples and thousands statues from Northern Wei to Ming dynasty. There have 1350 brown stone tablets which are famous calligraphy by a lot of famous people. It is one of the four calligraphy stone tablets in whole country

Thousand-buddha rock cliff statue is located in Nuojiang town which is 2.5 km from Tongjiang city. These statues begin at Ad 663 and end at Ad 720, it cost 57 years. There had 54 grottoes and more than 3000 statues, 6 stone inscription and 2 monuments.