Welcome to Bazhong

Culture of Bazhong

Bazhong is the center of ancient Ba people living area, there has many outstanding people, and rich history and culture. Nankan cliff grottoe is the high-quality ancient stone carving art, which are called the top one color stone carving at Tang Dynasty. There has large and well-preserved ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties at Enyang ancient town. So it is the best demonstration for unique residential research of north sichuan. The Yinlinshan stone tablets is one of the four calligraphy stone tablets in whole country, which has gathered many characteristics of different type of chinese calligraphy. The Neolithic cave ruins of ancient human remains is the best witness of research on the history of ancient human. There has six national intangible culture heritage, for example folk song when carrying things and folk dancing and taping cymbals. They are the witness of ancient civilization history of human.

Shu Roads and Three Kindoms Culture

Bazhong was belong to Liangzhou at Yugong in the historical record, after that was name state or prefecture. The history is up to 1917 years for the county, and 1796 years for the prefecture, and 1491 years for the state. There has a strong Ba and Shu culture atmosphere. The Micang ancient roads across the whole territory. In the long history of more than 2000 years, numerous merchants and politicians and soldieries had happen countless stories at the ancient Shu Roads which was very dangerous. There are many historical monuments and cultural or natural heritage content. Historical ancient city, ancient town, ancient dak, ancient villages and tourist attractions are countless. There also have a lot of ancient legends, such as the prince of Zhang Huai banished to Bazhong, Zhang Fei catch Yan Yan, Xiao He chases Han Xin under moon, and Zhuge Liang station troops at Mouyang. These legends are very popular.

Folk Culture

The folk culture of Bazhong has a long history, rich in content, distinctive features. Bazhong shadow play with light tune singing, accompany people over thousand years. The Bayu dance originated at very old times had been handed down from age to age followed so far, become a living fossil of Ba art. Han Folk Dance and taping cymbals was included in the intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan province. The song of Haoyang is singing out of pure Bashan style. Climbing festival and lights festival both are the traditional festivals, as well as Guangwu Hill Festival, Pingchang Rural Tourism Festival, Nanjiang azalea Festival, Tongjiang Tremella Festival and other major festivals.